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Days Out in Yorkshire

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It's great to relax at weekends, but if you have children then you'll know that getting out and about more often can be quite important! It can also make a day really special, and build memories that may well last a lifetime. Choosing somewhere to go that will be a success can be a bit daunting, but help is at hand with a selection of great ideas to get you started for days out in Yorkshire:

  • A castle is a good place to start, with its outstanding display of Britain's medieval history. Look out for battle re-enactments and other exciting special events that are often held in the summer.

    Conisbrough Castle in South Yorkshire, is a perfect expedition for the whole family - with Summer activities taking place on the Castle Grounds.

  • Two-wheeled exploration is next on the list, with many cycle centres available throughout the country. Here you can hire bikes for the whole family and hit the trail on one of many marked cycle tracks or freely explore the local area yourselves. Forests are often great places to hire bikes - natural beauty, tranquility and exercise all rolled into one!

    Take a look at the South Yorkshire Forest for all of this!

  • Ideal for children, model villages never fail to fascinate. Complete with houses, churches, shops and more, the model village is a masterpiece of craftsmanship seen across the country.

    Visit East Yorkshire for the Bondville Model Village in Bridlington for some spectacular scenes!

  • Underground exploration in caves will make an exciting trip for the family. There are many impressive caverns to explore, as well as some of Britain's oldest underground mine workings.

    Why not visit White Scar Cave in North Yorkshire - it's one of the longest cave shafts in Britain at 300 ft long!

  • If it's wild, action-packed non-stop fun you're after, then outdoor adventure parks are for you and your children. In the play barns you'll find drop slides, wavy slides, ball pools and much more, whilst outside there is always lots to do as well, including rides, trampolines and more.

    Why not visit Lightwater Valley Adventure Park in North Yorkshire?

  • Steam Railways are a good place for railway enthusiasts young and old. In addition to heritage train services for visitors, the railways often run special events suitable for all the family, such as a 'Day out with Thomas'.

    The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway in West Yorkshire is a perfect Day Out in Yorkshire. You could also visit the National Railway Museum in York.

  • Talking of museums, they can provide a treasure trove of items relating to human history, the animal kingdom, science, domestic life, crafts, trades and industries from the ancient to the present day. There are often events, activities and demonstrations on offer, many of them specifically for children.

    Why not visit the National Media Museum in Bradford for a TV-and-Film-themed Day Out?


If your family manage to visit all these different kinds of attractions this year, you will be doing well. But rest assured, there are plenty more places to go next year.....and the next!


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